New Life Crisis, the Planet's Mightiest Independent Original Mashup Band, has survived and thrived in the age of the internet. As one of the first bands to exclusively sell mp3's through their own Web site in 2002 (nearly a year before the iTunes store opened), New Life Crisis has forged ahead of the music industry by building a loyal global audience online for more than a decade.

Their unique "no setlist" policy has become legendary - with lead singer Paul Mahos directing the band like a club DJ - feeling out the audience and tailoring an experience exclusively for the vibe of the room. Performing originals with touches of deep soul, electronica, alternative and dance covers, New Life Crisis fanbase reaches around the world - with a summer home in the Hamptons.

Book the Band - (877) 798-7693

New Life Crisis is available to play at your club, bar and special events. Contact us directly at the NLC hotline above.

Support NLC. Name your Price!

Hard-working bands need a little love too. We realize that the music industry has changed over the years (if you don't know our story, check out the band section of this site). Over the summer, we'll be putting up some songs for you and you can have them. But if you want, you can also send a few bucks our way to show your undying support! Simply click the "download" button on the music player below. 

Fortunately, if you donate some clams for one of our songs, there are no monetary limits to the love you can give. And remember, all the money goes toward the band and keeping the show going strong. 

Peace, Love & Understanding, Paul & NLC